'So, can you hack it, my friend?'
'Give me three seconds and a good connection. I can hack into anything'

Cyber-sleuth Alexander Hastings is a hacker extraordinaire.

With the help of his phone, he can hack into anything and everything connected to the Australian Central System, also known as the AuCS, making the futuristic city of Melbourne his veritable playing ground.

However, when his past resurfaces, Alex will need to be at the top of his game in order to uncover the shadowy plans of the techno-terrorist organisation Black Binary, their leader and ex-mentor Roman Caster.

Follow Alex as he races against the clock to uncover their plans and prevent them from coming to pass.

Before it's too late



Amanda Yang never wanted to remember the past.

However, when Amanda discovers her old diary hidden away in the attic, she takes an unexpected stroll down memory lane, experiencing the love, lust and loss of teenage love and the lessons she learns from dating the boy that started it all.

What will she do when confronted with a relationship from her past? 

Will she wallow in the pain left in its wake?

Or will she chin up and move on to bigger and better things?



“What if I told you there was a reality – a separate dimension – where people go to be killed by monsters from the depths of hell?”


Limbo, the Place Where Dreams Go To Die. Nobody knows what it is or why it exists. The only thing that is certain is that it’s full of Ghouls, just waiting to kill the next person who stumbles into Limbo. Only a person that wields a Revenant can travel through Limbo safely.


Revenants, the personification of our deepest emotions, regrets and lost dreams. Powerful, out-worldly beings which allow those who summon them to combat the Ghouls and safely traverse the inhospitable landscape of Limbo. There are a select few who can summon a Revenant and Marcus is one of them.


Marcus Wells, street rat and thief. Abandoned as a child, he learned to depend on no one but himself. That was, until Organisation Fahrenheit came calling. Organisation Fahrenheit, the secret project. Haven’s only chance at curing the Black Rot that is plaguing the city as it’s members are the only ones who can traverse Limbo in search of the cure.


Together, Marcus and Organisation Fahrenheit investigate the connection between the Black Rot and Limbo but, to find a cure, they will be forced to make hard decisions that will change their lives forever…