• Andy James Trevors

Book Review Guidelines

Who can submit their novel for review?

All authors, indie and traditional, are welcome to submit their novel for review.

​Your novel must be available for sale online or in store.

I will accept the following genres:

  • Fantasy​

  • Sci-Fi

  • Suspense/Mystery/Thriller

  • Young Adult

  • Romance

  • Novellas

  • Short Stories

I reserve the right to accept or deny any novel for review.

How to submit your novel for review

Please send an email to shortstorylife3@gmail.com with the following:​

  • The subject line should be: ‘Requesting for a book review’.

  • Your author name

  • Title of your novel

  • Genre

  • Level of Sexual Content

  • Format (I accept both Mobi and ePub)

  • Length

  • Word Count

  • Publication Date

  • Synopsis

  • Attach a Mobi or ePub copy of your novel to the email

The review will be published on my website, Medium, Goodreads, Instagram, TikTok and Amazon or iBookstore (where applicable).